Pauline Pastry

Pauline Pastry is a french artist. 
Born in 1992. Lives and works in Paris. Graduated in 2017 from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris.

Pauline Pastry explores, through mediums as varied as video, photography, sculpture and publishing, the evolution of working conditions in the context of the big deindustrialization at work. She offers a new perspective both on the subject that occupies her and in the way she treats it, her work helping to explore the off-screen of industrial production. The real subject of her work is indeed the body, of the worker, of her father, employed in a foundry in the southwest of France.

She therefore shows it in movement, in her daily choreography, making, by reactivating it, the human gesture its very own place. Thus, by transposing technical information into the work of art, by bringing the factory back into the gallery, Pauline Pastry offers a new framework for reflecting on the contemporary condition of the worker, without documentary pretension but combining a double wishes aesthetic and social.